Holiday Madness at the Loudoun County Courthouse in VA

For the the last 50 years, a Christmas Tree and Creche were the only holiday displays on the Loudoun County Courthouse. Recently more religious and non-religious groups have lobbied for a presence. Now Athiests, Jedis, Flying Spaghetti Monster and others have displays up. This year, a Santa skeleton mounted on a cross sits at the courthouse on display.

One of the displays include a banner portraying a Nativity-style scene, but Jesus is nowhere to be found. Instead, the Virgin Mary is holding a stalk-eyed noodle-and-meatball creature.

For Loudoun county locals, the issue isn’t really about a Santa Claus corpse or atheist signage. The issue lies between freedom of speech, or separating church and state and the importance of preserving traditions.

This issue/conflict is sure to on for years to come.

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