More Violence in Malaysia over Christian use of the word Allah


There was more violence in Malaysia on Saturday due to the recent court ruling last week that allowed a Catholic newspaper to use the word “Allah” to describe God.
Attackers firebombed the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in southwestern Kuala Lumpur. The church had minor damages (destroyed the administrative offices) and it looks like there were no injuries in the attack.

This was the fourth attack since last Thursday. The Muslims who are violently protesting believe Allah, an Arabic word, should only be used by Muslims. The ruling was stayed after the government appealed the decision, according to Bernama, the Malaysian National News Agency. Muslims make up 60% of the population.

Prime Minister Najib Razak visited Metro Tabernacle on Saturday, which was the one most damaged by the attacks. The prime minister and called for peace and
also announced a government contribution of 500,000 ringgit (est $148,000 USD) to have Metro Tabernacle relocated.


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