39 Killed in Mosque in Pakistan

A bunch of gunmen entered a mosque near Pakistan’s army headquarters and killed 39 people who were praying. Of the worshippers killed, 17 were children, and 6 were military officers.

While these families were praying the 8 gunmen sprayed them with bullets and then tossed hand grenades (one grenade was thrown towards the ladies side and two towards the men). This is one of many attacks in Pakistan since October. The total death count from attacks like this is over 400.

Security forces in the Pakistani garrison city of Rawalpindi are still looking for the gunmen and are in a state of high alert. The Taliban, under commander of the Pakistani Taliban in South Waziristan, claimed responsibility for the attack and said it was fair game to be attacked since it was used by the army.

Please pray for an end to these violent inhuman attacks in Pakistan. Please pray for the safety of the children, women and men – especially during their time of worship.

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