Prayer versus Medicine – A Christian Science Perspective (Video)

Many religions believe in the power of Prayer and it’s ability to heal. I myself have seen it happen first hand where someone was healed, when the doctors have said it is impossible. The Christian Science religion takes that to the highest level by just using Prayer instead of medicine. Some say that solely relying on Prayer is irresponsible, and other disagree. And those who disagree have a pretty good history of good health and healing to back that up.

In the Video, Judy mentions having a lump in her breast that disappears after 2 1/2 weeks, and making it through her childhood battle with the measles. Joe, also in the Video, said that he hasn’t been in a hospital for 30 years and that prayer helped him recover from a heart attack.

So, it looks like Judy and Joe won’t be in line for the Flu Shot or H1N1 Vaccines this year. I’ve always found that the more faith you put in God the more he delivers on your prayers and needs. What do you think?

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