Man Returns Stolen Ashes of Dead Son- Prayers Answered


On Monday, burglars entered the home of the Mejia family. They took a wedding ring, jewelry, a Nintendo DS Game, a bunch of coins in a jar, AND the ashes of Samson Makanaokahakuloa ashes which were contained in an ornate box. Samson’s ashes were in their bedroom as part of a memorial shrine.

After the robbery, the Mejia family made a public plea for help. They asked that whoever had the ashes return them, no questions asked. After they made the public plea, a man called and said he found the box along side of the road and the family was reunited with their sons ashes.

The Mejia family was very happy and said that their prayers had been answered. “We have the ashes back among our home, where he belongs,” Mejia said yesterday from his home. They also commented on their other lost items: “Although we’d love to have that back, we realize the most important thing has been returned to us,” he said. “We feel blessed that it was recovered.”

It’s wonderful to hear when prayers have been answered.

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