UConn Stabbing – Football Player Killed Jasper Howard

Jasper Howard UConn Football

Jasper Howard UConn Football

The starting cornerback for the University of Connecticut football team (Jasper Howard) died on Sunday after an on-campus stabbing just hours after the team’s victory over Louisville.


Jasper Howard was near the uconn’s university Student Union near the center of the UConn campus when he was stabbed (just after midnight).  A University dance had just ended when a scuffle broke out between two groups of students.   Another student was also stabbed in the fight, but he was treated and later release from the hospital.

Jasper Howard had a promising football career in front of him.   He led the Big East college football conference in punt returns last season.

The police haven’t been able to locate the person who stabbed and killed Howard.

We have set up a prayer post for those who would like to pray for Jasper Howard’s friends, family, classmates and teammates.

Jasper Howard Uconn Football

Jasper Howard Uconn Football

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