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Sam Bish (Samuel Gordon Bish) is an 8-year-old from Reynoldsburg, Ohio, who has been diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer known as Osteosarcoma. Prayer requests for Sam have been circulated across the internet by his family who are in need of help and support from as many people as possible. Some people believe this is a hoax or just a chain letter. If you’re one of those people, then just do a quick prayer for all kids with cancer, not just Sam.

Please pray for Sam.

Here’s the full email:

Hi to all my friends and family,

I felt compelled to spread this story about son’s best friend, Sam who is 8 (on the left in the photo above). He is in MAJOR need of Prayer. The following story is what his mother Cindy (we are in MOPS together) wrote today.

Our son Sam is a wonderful young man who is 8 years old. He will be 9 in January. He is going into the 3rd grade in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

Sam had been having some pain in his right knee most of this summer (2009). As the pain increased we realized that
something might be wrong and we made appointment for him to see an Orthopedist on 8/10/09. At this doctors appointment an X-ray was done of Sam’s leg/knee and it showed that there was a mass that the doctor believed to be cancerous.

Samuel went into the hospital just a few days later for a series of tests. He received a cat scan, MRI, and also a full body scan. Our family met with the pediatric oncologist the following day and Samuel was diagnosed with a type of cancer called Osteosarcoma (stage 4). The cancer is in his right knee and it has also spread to both of his lungs. This is an agressive type of cancer and it will be treated with agressive forms of chemo.

We are asking everyone to please lift up our litle boy Samuel Gordon Bish in prayer. We pray for healing!! We serve a mighty God and we know that HE can heal Sam if that is his will for Sam’s life. Please be prayer warriors along with our family as Sam starts this very difficult journey in his young life.

Today’s date is August 16th, 2009 and all this has happened in 6 days. His first appointment was on Monday the 10th and by Friday the 14th he was in the hospital getting his Chemo-port put in his chest and a biopsy done.

I figured if an animated woman walking around the world for cancer can get passed to millions, then so can this story.



WE PRAY FOR HEALING AND PEACE FOR HIS FAMILY … There are also 2 younger sisters.

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